I love my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA — wonderfully friendly people, delicious restaurants, great sports teams, loads of bike trails and paths, glorious hills, a variety of interesting architecture, world-class museums, four distinct seasons. You can find loads to do by Googling your interests, but I’ve listed below some standard Pittsburgh stops as well as a few offbeat attractions for the adventurous.

VisitPittsburgh.com has even more ideas to make you trip to Pittsburgh as enjoyable as possible.

  • Center for PostNatural History – “dedicated to the advancement of knowledge relating to the complex interplay between culture, nature, and biotechnology”
  • Dr. Tumblety’s Time-Inspired Specialty Shop – “tonics & trinkets, hats & fragrance, grooming & cosmetics, local artisans novels & novelties, oils & elixirs, cures & curiosities, vintage goods & gifts”
  • Kickback Pinball Cafe – “2 dozen modern and classic pinball machines”
  • Mattress Factory – “laboratory where you can immerse yourself in the creative vision of artists from around the world”
  • Randyland – “an all-outdoor courtyard museum of the heart (and the most painted house in the galaxy)”
  • Trundle Manor – “Pittsburgh’s most unusual and strangely accessible private home”

Photo courtesy of visitpittsburgh.com

"I was charmed by this small city of old industry. Settled between high green hills where rivers converge, Pittsburgh is a beautiful mishmash of glass and metal towers, terraced townhouses, and converted red brick warehouses with painted murals. There is more than enough here to entertain yourself aside the playing of games. The people here are warm and welcoming. And if you fancy, take a bite from the Steel City's famous sandwich filled with French Fries. What a strange thing to eat."
"So many bridges, steep hills everywhere! And good atmosphere in suburb area. Unique to visit!"
"Pittsburgh can offer visitors a great opportunity to experience great art from our museums, local art scene, 1st Friday’s on Penn Ave., and our theatres! There is always a good show you can find right here in the Steel City."
Ashley Comans
Lifelong Pittsburgher, Community Activist & Boardgamer
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